The following is a list of MOD Virtual ALeaning Environment resources that are available for free on Wifinity MOD locations.*

Defence Gateway

1and1 Website Hosting

A Force for NATO and the European Union

Academic Skills, University of Southampton

Adobe Software

Adventures in Education

African Union

Air Force Magazine

Air University Library

Aljazeera TV

American Enterprise Institute

Arms Control Association

Australia Army

Australia Army – Publications

Australian Defence Force Journal

BBC Monitoring

BBC News

Berkeley Library

British Army

British Broadcast Corporation

British Council

British Forces Broadcast Services

British Forces Broadcast Services

Cambridge Journals

Canadian Military Journal

Cardiff University

Carnegie Endowment For International Peace

Carnegie Endowment For International Peace – Issues

Center for Comparative and International Studies

Center for Comparative and International Studies – Publications

Center for World Indigenous Studies

Centre for European Policy Studies

Centre for European Reform

Centre for Strategic and International Studies

Centre on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law

Chartered Management Institute

Chatham House – Publications

Chatham House, Independent thinking of international affairs

China Daily Europe

Columbia International Affairs Online

Combined Arms Research Library 

Congressional Research Reports

Congressional Research Service Reports for the people

Council on Foreign Relations

Council on Foreign Relations – African Peacekeeping Operations

CQ Roll Call

Crafield University

Cranfield University


Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

Defence Academy of the United Kingdom – Document Listings

Defence Academy of the United Kingdom – Library

Defence Discount Services

Defence Technical Information Centre

Defence Technical Information Centre – Doctorine

Defence Technical Information Centre – Education

Defence Technical Information Centre – History

Defence Technical Information Centre – Joint Publications

Defence Technical Information Centre – Training

Defence Virtual Learning Environment

Democratic Control of Armed Forces

Department for International Development

Department of Defence, Australia

Deutsches Institut



Edexcel, Education

ESOL, English Language Learning

European Union

European Union – Documentation

European Union Institute for Security Studies

European Union Institute for Security Studies – Analysis

European Union Institute for Security Studies – Chaillot Papers

European Union Institute for Security Studies – Occasional Papers

European Union Institute for Security Studies – Policy Briefs

European Union Institute for Security Studies – Publications

European Union Institute for Security Studies – Reports

European Union Publications Office

Excellencegateway, Supporting Skills and Improving Practice

Federation of Americal Scientists

Firmley Park Hospital, UK

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Policy

Fox News

FRANK, Friendly, Confidential Drugs Advice

Gale Learning

Geneva Centre for Security Policy

Global Information Systems for Government Users only

Global Policy Forum

Global Times China

Google Analytics

Google Scholar

Gov. UK

Guardian Newspaper

Gulf Corporation Council

Guroo, Functiojnal Skills

Home Office, UK

House of Lords List of Members

Human Right Watch


Infinity Journal

Instanty Anatomy, Learning in human anatomy

Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis

Institute for the Study of War

Institute of Leadership & Management

International Committee of the Red Cross

International Crisis Group

International Crisis Group – About

International Maritime Organization

International Relations and Security Networks

International Relations and Security Networks – Digital Publications

IPSOS-Mori, Research & Publications

ISS Africa 

Jorum, Free open education resources

King’s College London

King’s College London – Research

Library of Congress


London borough of Sutton

Marshal Center

Met Office UK

Military Education Library

Military Periscop, Online Source for military news

Military Policy Research

Mind for better mental health

Mind Tools, Essential skills for an excellent career

Ministry of Defence, UK

Ministry of Defence, UK – Policy Strategy And Planning

Ministry of Defence, UK – Seaford House Papers

Ministry of Defence, UK – Training And Exercise Publications


MOD UK – Landing Page

Monterey Institute of International Studies

National Audit Office, UK

National Defence University


NATO Publications

Naval History & Heritage

Navy Australia

Navy Australia – Publications


NGRAIN Knowledge Grains Blog, Software

OCR, Education

OER Commons, Open Educational Resources

Onestopenlgih, English language learning

Open Athens resources

Open Demoracy

Open Dyslexis, Free and open source Dyslexia Typeface

Open Tapestry

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Oxford Journals

Oxford Reference

Oxfored Scholarship Online

Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes

Peace Operations Training Institute

Praeger Security International

Pre-Sandhurst VLE

PREZi, create better presentation

Pro Quest

Project Gutenberg, Free Ebooks

Project Bader (RAF Cadets)



Roget’s Thesaurus

Royal Air Force

Royal Air Force Centre for Air Power Studies

Royal Air Force Centre for Air Power Studies – Publications

Royal Air Force, UK – Documents

Royal Air Force, UK – Publications

Royal Australian Air Force

Royal United Services Institute

Sage Journals

Skills Workshop, Free functional skills and skills for life resources

SOAS University of London

Spellzone, The online english spelling course

Stabilisation Unit, UK


Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Strategic Studies Institute


Taylor Fancis Online

TED Conferences

The African Centre for The Constructive Resolution of Disputes

The African Standby Force

The Atlantic

The British Army Journal

The Christian Science Monitor

The European Air Group

The Heritage Foundation, USA

The Huffington Post

The Infantry and Small Arms School Corps

The Institute of International and European Affairs

The International Institute for Strategic Studies

The International Institute for Strategic Studies – Newsletters

The International Institute for Strategic Studies – Publications

The Moscow Times

The National Interest

The National Interest

The New Yorker

The Open University, UK

The Overseas Development Institute

The Peace Research Institute Oslo

The RAND Corporation

The Royal African Society

The Telegraph Newspaper

The Times, UK

The Ultimate online library of UK Information

The UN Refugee Agency

The Washington Institute

The Washington Post

The Week, UK

UK Government

UK Government – Development Concepts And Doctrine Centre

UK Government Publications

UK House of Commons

UK Parliament

UK Parliament – Publications

UK Parliament – The Stationery Office

United Nation Institute for Disarmament Research

United Nation System

United National Conference on Trade and Development

United Nations

United Nations – Documents

United Nations – Publications

United Nations Publications

United States Army Combined Arms Center

University for Peace

University of Leeds Library

University of Oxford [African Studies Centre]

University of St Andrews

US Aid

US Air Force

US Army

US Army [Doctrine & Training Publications]

US Army Combined Arms Centre

US Army Combined Arms Centre – Publications

US Army Control & Disarmament Agency

US Army War College

US Army War College – Parameters

US Department of Defence

US Department of Defence – Publications

US Department of State

US Institute of Peace

US Marines Corps

US Naval War College

Videolan, Free Software, charity

Western European Union

White House

Who’s Who

Wifinity Limited


Wiley Online Library

Yaleglobal, online publication

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What if the website I wish to visit is not on this list?

If you wish to visit a website not included through the MOD’s VLE Resources list, users have the option to purchase a subscription with Wifinity to gain access to our super fast recreational internet.

Who do I contact if I'm having trouble gaining access to these resources?

If you are having difficulties accessing these services through our system or have further questions, feel free to contact our Customer Care Team.

Customer Care UK: +44 (0)20 8090 1290
Customer Care Germany: +49 69 2222 8918
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