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Guest Passes

Guest pass

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Guest Passes mean your friends and family can log on to the internet for 3 days when they are visiting you. Depending on your Plan, your guest pass allocation varies: 

Essential Plan: 1 Guest Pass per billing cycle.

Awesome Plan: 2 Guest Passes per billing cycle.

Supersonic Plan: 4 Guest Passes per billing cycle.

Creating a Guest Pass is simple. Login to your dashboard, and go to the Guest Passes tab on your dashboard. In your available Guest Passes, select “Create Guest Pass”. This should generate a code. Copy the code and give it to your visitor. 

Your visitor should connect to WifinityPAYG network, and go to the dashboard. They should then click on “I have a Voucher/Guest Pass, enter the code, and click “Go activate Guest Pass”. They should now be online for the next 3 days. In your own account, in the Guest Passes page, you will now see that you have an active Guest Pass.

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