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How to upgrade your package

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To upgrade your Wifinity subscription. Navigate to your dashboard and log in using your account details. Select the Manage Your Plan tab, you will then see any upgrades that are available for you. Select the Upgrade you would like and this will take you through to the payment, once payment completed the upgrade will be active.

If you are looking to just add a device on and you have purchased a plan with add-on's you will see the add device button, To add an additional device slot select Add To Plan. This will tell you how many devices you can add to your account, Once you select the desired amount of devices this will take you to the payment, once payment completed the extra device slot will be active.

All Upgrades and add-ons are effective immediately.

Please note: If you are on the highest package available, there will not be an upgrade option displayed as you are already on the best plan we offer at this site. 

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