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Canceling your Account/Subscription
Canceling your Account/Subscription

How to cancel your subscription

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To cancel your subscription to Wifinity, log on to your dashboard. Click on the Manage Your Plan tab and select the Cancel My Wifinity Service button. Then select a reason for leaving and submit, the system will cancel your subscription. You will then receive on-screen confirmation that this has been done. 

You will receive an automated email from Wifinity to confirm the cancellation. If you still have not received this email, please check your junk/spam folder.

When you cancel your subscription your service will continue until the next payment is due and then stop and the subscription will cancel down, once you have canceled the time and date of when the service will be stopped is displayed on your dashboard.

Please Note: If you do not select a reason for canceling and close down the screen before receiving the confirmation message the subscription will not cancel.

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