Need to Remove a Device?

Remove a device

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Looking to remove or Want to swap your devices?

To remove a device, log into your dashboard and select the Device Management tab. There is a remove button under each device which you can use to remove the device from the account.

You do not have to use the device you want to remove to login to your dashboard, you can use that device or login in from a different on all together. Once a device has been removed, it will be referred back to the sign up page with options to purchase a package or log in.

Once a device is removed it will show as an available device slot. Ready for a new device to be added.

Note: you are only allowed a certain number of device changes per month depending on your package, once these have been used you will not be able to rotate devices. Your device change is shown above your device list and on your main dashboard so you can keep tabs, If your device changes are used these will renew on each billing period.

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