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Need to Change the NAT Type on your PlayStation
Need to Change the NAT Type on your PlayStation

NAT Type

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NAT Type stands for Networking Address Translation. In relation to consoles, this is something that is not set by us. It is determined on Sony’s end based on your connection. In short - when a large number of consoles are on an open hotspot like ours, the NAT type will start to change since the same IP address is being used across multiple devices. This is seen as security threat therefore, access becomes limited. 

The quick way to distinguish what NAT type your PlayStation is on, is to conduct an internet connection test.

NAT Type 1 = Open - This means that your gaming console has the ability to connect to any games. Generally, there should not be any issues connecting to services through Wifinity.

NAT Type 2 = Moderate - This means that your connectivity to other players is neither limited nor open and indicates that you can still connect but some functions will be limited.

NAT Type 3 = Strict - This means that you have limited connectivity with other players and other players may not be able to join your gaming session. 

If you are Playing online through the service and connected to another user on site you may find that one or both of you will be on a strict NAT type as a result of this or if multiple users are joining a party/lobby when one person is hosting.

The Solution

In most cases we advise that the person hosting the party should have their NAT type set to type 1 - open. If it is not set to this, our Customer Service Team can change it through the system by assigning you a public IP address enabling gaming sessions to be hosted and joined.

Please Note: NAT fix is not available in all locations and due to security concerns Wifinity cannot change the NAT type on any device other than consoles. We cannot change NAT types when connecting to the Home Networking.

Online services

For anything else, it is always best to check the live service status to ensure there isn't a major problem.

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