Poor Signal/Intermittent Connection?


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Are you struggling to stay connected?

If you have a low or fluctuating WiFi signal, one of the most common causes is the distance from the access point your device is connected to. Disconnect and reconnect the WiFi and establish a new connection to make sure you are connecting to the access point closest to you and see if anything improves. 

If your WiFi signal drops off in certain rooms, it may be due to the buildings construction. Thick walls can muffle WiFi signals, as can certain types of construction materials. In some older buildings that contain plaster and lath walls, a metallic mesh inside the wall effectively disrupts any WiFi signal passing through, significantly reducing the signal strength or blocking the signal completely.

You may also find intermittent signal problems caused by interference from other, non-WiFi devices. WiFi operates in the 2.4 or 5 gigahertz band. Some common devices like cordless phones, microwaves and some remote alarm products operate on 2.4 gigahertz band. When active, these devices can reduce your WiFi signal strength due to interference. Additionally, microwaves can produce substantial interference in the frequency range used by wireless devices and can completely disrupt a WiFi connection. Taking care to situate your wireless devices away from such interference can help improve signal strength.

If you continue to experience poor or intermittent signal problems, please contact our Customer Service Team so that we can gather some more information and the Technical Team can investigate the problem. 

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