Are you new to Wifinity? 

Want to get online?

Follow these simple steps:

Go into the settings on your device and connect to "WifinityPAYG"

Once connected, you should be redirected to Wifinity's dashboard.

To set up an account and gain internet access, select the best package to suit you.

After you have selected a package, you will be asked to enter your details - email, first name and surname. 

Next, enter your card details and accept our terms and conditions 

Create a password and enter a phone number 

Finally, click GET ME ONLINE! 

HOORAY, as quick as that - Welcome to Wifinity!

Once online, you will see a summary of your subscription details and notice that the device you used to sign up has already been added to your account.

If you are struggling to get online, don't worry!

Watch the video below, this should help you get set up...

Want to get your other devices online? Watch these videos on how to add a device... 

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