Huawei Phone:

To find your MAC address on a Huwaei Phone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. System
  3. About Phone
  4. Status
  5. MAC address will be listed as WiFi MAC address. 

LG Phone:

To view the Wi-Fi MAC Address of your LG phone, Wi-Fi must be enabled.

1. From a Home screen, tap Apps Select Apps.
2. From the Apps tab, tap Settings.
3. Tap About phone.
4. Tap Hardware info.
5. View the Wi-Fi MAC address.

Hudl Tablet:

To locate the MAC Address on a Hudl Tablet, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings.
2. Tap on About Tablet.
3. Tap on Status.
4. The WiFi MAC Address will be displayed here.

Fire TV Stick:

To find the MAC address for your Fire TV Stick go to; Settings > System > About

Hitachi Smart TV:

To obtain the MAC address for your Hitachi Smart TV follow these steps:

1. Go to Network settings
2. Advanced
3. MAC address should be displayed at the bottom

Now TV Box:

Just turn the box over and you will see the (Wireless) wifi mac address underneath.

Panasonic Viera TV:

To find the MAC address of your Panasonic Viera TV go to

1. MENU and then
2. NETWORK then
3. Network status
4. Details/ Device info 

Roku Digital Video Player:

To locate the MAC Address on a Roku Digital Video Player, follow one of these steps:

1. On the back of your player— There will be a set of six 2-digit pairs separated by colons, e.g. 00:0D:0A:1H:3G:5C. One set is for the Ethernet connector and for the other for the wireless connector.

2. Alternatively, from the Roku home screen, select settings > player info. The addresses will be listed on-screen.

Toshiba Smart TV:

To find the MAC address of your Toshiba Smart TV go to:

1. Settings.
2. Preferences.
3. Network Setup
4. Advanced Network Settings (Green button)

Vizio Smart TV:

To find the MAC address of your Vizio Smart TV:

1. Press Menu on the remote.
2. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the Network icon.
3. Press OK. The Network Connection menu displays.
4. Highlight Manual Setup and press OK. The IP Settings menu is diaplyed.
5. At the bottom of the menu the RJ45 MAC (Wired) and the Wireless MAC addresses are displayed

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